Ready to Wear Stock Program

While Mel Gambert has been primarily associated with being a custom shirt manufacturer, we have a storied history of working with many Ready To Wear brands doing product development as well as actual production. Mel Gambert is built on a custom shirt manufacturing basis, doing RTW is the easy part for us!

In today’s tightening marketplace, why offer the same product other specialty and big box stores also offer? Further that point, why carry the brands that are competing with you and offer their same products online or in their own brick and mortar stores you have helped to build?

You should be selling YOUR store, YOUR experience and YOUR expertise!

With our offering of over 1500 fabrics and over 60 button options to choose from, you can design virtually any signature look for your customers to experience, from blues, whites and office basics; to casual, holiday, resort and even formal programs. We also offer reduced RTW seasonal only offerings to facilitate making the selection process easier. And of course you can provide your own fabrics and trims to be produced as CMT.
The real benefit of working with Mel Gambert, if one of the RTW shirts you develop with us, is not the right “fit” for one of your customers, you can build it for them with our custom program.
We have basic stock sizes in TRIM, MODERATE and FULL cut silhouettes. We can also work with you to develop your own signature fit.
Whether you need 25 or 1,000, we can work with you to meet your needs.