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After graduation from college in the 1960’s, Mel Gambert, having learned the business from his father and working in the factory throughout high school, began to improve the sizing techniques for made-to-measure shirts. The first variation was waist and hip tapering. Over the next 20 years, he added shoulder slopes, yoke sizing and postures to help improve the quality of fit. A true pioneer in the industry, Mel Gambert has proven himself to be instrumental in educating hundreds of dealers in using our system in sizing shirts.

Mel’s wife and partner for over 40 years, Lorraine, has been fully involved in every facet of daily operations. An ardent businesswoman and accomplished fashion consultant, Lorraine spent 20 years successfully running our company store before undertaking the Administration Department on a fulltime basis. She has incredible insight, both personally and professionally.

Today, Mitchell Gambert shares his parents passion for reaching the highest level of excellence. He has dedicated himself to learning from his father, and by working with his father they both encourage growth and new discovery. Mitch comes with an inherent talent from both his parents, and the fresh energy that is essential in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and keeping the shirts current with the times.

Gambert’s system and patterns have successfully satisfied thousands of clients. We offer the finest selection of fabrics, interlinings and trims available and we complement our product with an excellent staff to provide the best in customer service. At Mel Gambert we firmly believe that in order to be a successful manufacturer, we must work together with our dealers as partners. Our company statistics show that 65% of the orders that flow through the factory are repeats. It is our ambition for all our dealers to operate with the same success. Through our shared values, mutual support and professionalism, we can ensure that our profit, quality and growth goals are continually met.

In closing, we would like to express our thanks to our dealers, partners and employees for your unremitting faith in our abilities and for the opportunity to work with you.